• Testimonials

  • Dr. Manole and his staff provides 5 star service to my family. My appointments are properly scheduled and I appreciate that I never spend a long time sitting in the waiting area. ( Thank you Mary) My daughter is very comfortable with Bonnie, Dental Hygienist and looks forward to her dental appointments. I appreciate that both Bonnie and Dr. Manole spends time explaining our options and how best to care our teeth. We travel from NY to NJ to see Dr. Manole and Bonnie because we feel comfortable and confident with their expertise. In fact my daughter is so impressed with the care and service that she wants to pursue dentistry. Kids are our best critics!

    Jasmine P.

  • I wanted to share my experience using Dr. Manole DDS. First, they are a warm group of professionals which offer the best service. Dr. Manole is an outstanding Dentist while his staff complements the service he and his office offer their patients. In addition, their Hygenist ie: Bonnie, provides the patient a comforting environment while performing her duties cleaning the patients teeth, making them feel comfortable, and has a very calming way. Remember, most people aren't a fan of visiting the Dentist. However, visiting Dr. M. Manole's facility the patient receives excellent care and tended too by outstanding assistants making the visit a pleasant one. I highly recommend contacting his office for a visit, consultation, for your next check-up. Signed: A very happy customer

    Dante D.

  • I was looking for a dentist around the area and my father recommended me one. Had a great time! Everyone was great. He even took out 2 cavities and I didn't feel one thing! And a smooth recovery 1 hour later! Great dentist and great people people working in his office! I would strongly recommend to anyone looking around the Bergen county area!

    Henrry F.

  • The best Dentist ever! I have been going to Dr Manole for well over 25 years. He will discuss the problem and options for repairs. He is not just a yank it out or cap it kind of Doc. He figures out a way to fix the tooth without spending a ton of money. I like having options and being part of the decision making. His staff is professional and attentive! I highly recommend Dr Manole!

    Cort B.

  • I would highly recommend Dr. Manole to anyone in need. I remember when Dr Manole was just a young man working in another practice, in another northern Jersey town. Some changes took place and Dr Manole was gone from the practice. I was frantic! The quality of the work he did for me so much better than quality work I had received before and was the cause for my concern. It took me approximately 3 or 4 months to locate Dr Manole (if I remember correctly, 20+years ago), but I did. Since relocating Dr Manole my wife has switched over to Dr Manole and as my children were born and old enough to see Dr Manole they have seen him and stayed with him as long as they have lived in the area. I have recommended Dr Manole to friends only to hear good words about him. Lastly Dr Manole is a very good Dentist and Mike is a very good friend.

    Janet S.